2021 Wishes for Light

Well, that – like so many things this year – almost got away from me. But it is still the day of the Winter Solstice, and as such the return of light to our lives is still much on our minds.

Things are a bit better than last year for many, not so much for some. Recovery is necessary but not sufficient, but the thin margin of power in the current dynamic frustrates those who have already been waiting far too long – yet infighting could itself destroy that margin and lead to the obliteration of any possibility of a progressive future.

Given all this, how can we talk about light?

We can talk about it because, despite the best efforts of those who are dedicated to darkness, the light survives. All it takes to make it thrive is the hard work of putting one foot in front of the other on the path of progress, every day, every election, every level.

It is dark now, but the universe bends toward justice. It is we who must come together to make it bend faster.

My annual blessing to you all, with the help of Callie Hills in giving them their final polish:
– as the sun increases, so may your joys increase.
– as the nights become shorter, so may your sorrows shrink.
– as those you love surround you, feel my love there as well.
– may you be blessed by your Gods, be they within or without.
– may all your dearest dreams come to you in time.