060209brenda100The Bodhrán

I love playing and teaching others how to play the bodhrán.  In 1989, when my husband and son gave me my first bodhrán for Christmas,  I had no idea how to play the thing.  Back then there weren’t any websites devoted to the bodhrán, no ‘how to’ videos, no Irish Cultural Centers closer than  Boston or Chicago where I might find a teacher. But I lucked out.

A small group of sessiun musicians played regularly at McDuff’s Irish Pub in downtown Atlanta.  A kind, patient, dedicated bodhrán player named Peter Blaney* took me under his wing and taught me how to:

For personal instruction in how to play the bodhrán, I teach at the Irish Arts Academy of Indianapolis.

* Peter Blaney went on to win the U.S. Western Division Bodhrán Championship of the Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireánn and traveled to Ireland for the International Competition.  He later married a lovely Irish woman and moved to Ireland where, the last I heard, he’s still perfecting his bodhrán skills.