Bed & Breakfast


No, its not a friendly, charming, room-for-hire in a cottage by the sea.  Bed & Breakfast is the eclectic duo of Bill and Brenda Sutton from Danville, Indiana. These friendly, charming entertainers-for-hire specialize in Irish pub songs and unusual modern folk/acoustic music from songwriters like Christine Lavin, Jim Stafford, Steve Goodman, and Harry Chapin. The couple also performs a number of original songs.

Bill is accomplished on guitar, mandolin, flute, penny whistle, and he’s working on the concertina and uilleann pipes. Brenda also plays guitar and studies the fiddle, but her forte is playing the bodhrán Irish frame drum beaten with tippers and brushes. Both Bill and Brenda are talented singer/songwriters with numerous credits and awards.

Bed & Breakfast formed in 1989, performing every Wednesday night for a year at McDuff’s Irish Pub in the Buckhead district of Atlanta, Georgia. Owner Rich McDuff christened the group B & B because of their common first initials starting the questions like “Which one’s Bed and which one’s Breakfast?”, “When they play separately is it Bed without Breakfast, or Breakfast without Bed?”, “When other musicians sit in with them, are they Modified American Plan?”

For booking information, contact Bill or Brenda Sutton. Bed & Breakfast is available for performance venues outside the Indianapolis area as well, so please inquire!