Brenda Sutton

So many interests. So little time.

Singing, writing songs and fiction, learning the Irish language, writing, playing the bodhrán, writing, the Pacer’s basketball, writing, sewing, writing,  teaching, writing, quilting,  writing web content, blogging, gardening, writing, convention organizing, writing, watercolor and oil painting, writing, travel, writing, worship, writing, mythology, writing, poetry, writing, biking, writing, cooking, writing, recording, writing, creating with polymer clay, writing, Celtic knotwork, writing, reading, writing, calligraphy, writing,  weaving, writing, bobbin lace, writing, cats, writing, genealogy, writing, camping, writing, wine, writing, auctioning, writing,  canning and preserving, writing, Interfilk, writing, GAFilk, writing,  Chambanacon, writing, the Dorsai Irregulars, writing, a new-found interest in the Society for Creative Anachronism. and writing, writing, writing.