Bill & Brenda Sutton’s Recordings

  • 2000, Filk 2K, Songs from Chicon 2000,Volume 1, USB Studios
  • Owling at the Moon
    Owling at the Moon

    1994, Owling at the Moon, Dodeka
    All Soul’s Night – Lorena McKennit with additional lyric by Brenda Sutton
    Clearing the Path –  Aileen Vance
    Caretakers – Bill Sutton
    This Turn of the Wheel – Brenda Sutton
    Dogtown – Harry Chapin
    We’re Only in it for the Money – Bill Sutton
    Wallflower – Brenda Sutton
    Mind, Hands and Heart – Bill Sutton
    Lily Lady – Tera Mitchell
    Shooting Star – Harry Chapin

Bill’s Recordings

  • Passing Through
    Passing Through

    1999, Passing Through, Dodeka

    ‘Star Song’
    Make Believe
    9-5 Barbarian
    The Wizard of Macke Town
    Crystal Singer
    Bask Ye Samplers
    Midnight at the Well
    The Pilot’s Eyes
    Stray Dog Man
    Cruiser Dreaming
    Poet and a Starman
    Star Dreamer

  • Shake the Dust Off
    Shake the Dust Off

    1987, Shake the Dust Off, DAG
    I Saw My World Go Down – Bill Sutton
    Beer Bed – Bill Sutton
    Cobra – Bill Sutton
    Starline Gamblin’ Man – Bill Sutton
    Vanished – Bill Sutton
    So Far Away – Bill Sutton
    The Electron Waltz – Bill Sutton
    The Game – Bill Sutton
    Dust on My Feet – Bill Sutton
    To Be Announced – Bill Sutton
    Shake the Dust Off – Bill Sutton
    Heroes – Bill Sutton
    Solitary – Bill Sutton

  • Past Due
    Past Due

    1986, Past Due, Off Centaur
    Another History – Bill Sutton
    Crystal Singer – Bill Sutton
    Stray Dog Man – Bill Sutton
    Caretakers – Bill Sutton
    Xenophobia – Bill Sutton
    The Pilot’s Eyes – Bill Sutton
    Nine-to-Five Barbarian – Bill Sutton
    Stringer – Bill Sutton
    Wizard of Macke Town – Bill Sutton
    Do It Yourself – Bill Sutton
    Poet and Starman – Bill Sutton
    Bask Ye Samplers – Bill Sutton
    Cruiser Dreaming – Bill Sutton
    Midnight at the Well – Bill Sutton
    Star Song – Bill Sutton
    Ecology – Bill Sutton

Brenda’s Recordings

  • Third Thyme's the Charm
    Third Thyme’s the Charm

    2012, Third Thyme’s a Charm (with Three Weird Sisters), Bedlam House
    Blue Spell – Brenda Sutton
    Pomegranate Tango- Mary Crowell
    Tea: An Explanation of Adoration – Brenda Sutton
    Witch of the Wood – Mary Crowell
    Make Love Stay -Teresa Powell
    Legolas – Mary Crowell
    Galatea (and Pygmalion) – Mary Crowell
    I Knew a Guy Once – Brenda Sutton with spoken words by Tanya Huff
    Timeshare Whorehouse – Mary Crowell
    These Two – Brenda Sutton
    Inner Seasons – Music by Brenda Sutton, lyric by Terri Windling
    On This Good Day – Brenda Sutton

  • Hair of the Frog
    Hair of the Frog cd cover

    2003, Hair of the Frog (with Three Weird Sisters), Bedlam House
    McKenzie’s Entrance – Gwen Knighton
    May Queen – Brenda Sutton
    Ordinary Love – Gwen Knighton
    To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – B.J. Willinger
    Falling for Lancelot – Gwen Knighton
    Pole Star – Brenda Sutton
    Like Their Feet Have Wings – Gwen Knighton
    Pointy-haired Boss – Brenda Sutton
    Mama’s Hands – Brenda Sutton
    Discovery – Gwen Knighton
    Least of My Kind – Cat Faber
    Hymn – Gwen Knighton
    My Karma Broke Down – Mike Cross with additional verse by Brenda Sutton
    Draw Down the Moon – Brenda Sutton
    New Forest – Gwen Knighton
    What My Granny Taught Me – Brenda Sutton
    Orbiting Jupiter – Cheryl Wheeler and Janis Ian
    McKenzie’s Farewell -Gwen Knighton

  • Rite the First Time
    Rite the First TIme

    2002, Rite the First Time (with Three Weird Sisters), Bedlam House
    Dumb, Dumb Dorothy – Brenda Sutton
    Rite of Passage – Gwen Knighton
    What’ll I Do With the Baby-o,  Trad
    On We Go – Nancy McCallion
    Pity Party – Brenda Sutton
    Little Boy Blue – Gwen Knighton
    Boys Want Sex in the Morning – Andrew Ratshin
    Six Days – Gwen Knighton
    The Bird Rock – Gordon Bok
    Absolutely Bonkers – Brenda Sutton
    Song of Fey Cross – Gwen Knighton
    When Fall Comes to New England – Cheryl Wheeler
    Spring Strathspey – Gwyddion Penderwen
    Iowa – Dar Williams
    In a Gown Too Blue – Brenda Sutton

  • 1993, Make Believe, FilkOntario 1, Wail Songs
    Country Life – Lee (Van Deest) Billings
    Name Me Jonathan – Brenda Sutton
  • 1991, OVFF Kilter, OVFF 7
    Haunted – Brenda Sutton (Incorrectly attributed to Robin Bailey on some copies of the tape.)
  • 1989, Courtly Airs, Noreascon 3, Wail Songs
    Draw Down the Moon – Brenda Sutton
    Name Me Jonathan – Brenda Sutton
  • 1989, Caterwalls – Noreascon 3, Wail Songs
    Strangers No More – Brenda Sutton
  • 1989, Gravity’s Edge, Conchord 4
    Freedom – Brenda Sutton
  • 1988, Harlequinade, Nolacon II, Wail Songs
    Don’t Ever Call Me Stupid – Brenda Sutton
  • 1988, Harlequinary, Nolacon II, Wail Songs
    Another Day of Loving – Brenda Sutton
    Costumer’s Lament – Brenda Sutton
  • 1988, Pleasure in the Ovffing, OVFF III, Wail Songs
    In the Blood – Brenda Sutton
    Mama’s Hands – Brenda Sutton
  • 1987, Strangers No More, Brenda Sutton, DAG Records
    Strangers No More – Brenda Sutton
    On the Horns of a Dilemma – Music by Chris O’Shea, lyric by Brenda Sutton
    Rashuri’s Prayer – Brenda Sutton
    La Bruja – Brenda Sutton
    Ross – Brenda Sutton
    In the Blood – Brenda Sutton
    Mama’s Hands – Brenda Sutton
    The Hound of the Baskerville – Music by Brenda Sutton, lyric by Jane Maillander
    Don’t Ever Call Me Stupid – Brenda Sutton
    One Glass – Music by Bill Sutton, lyric by Shelley Frier
    Another Day of Loving – Brenda Sutton
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