By Brenda Sinclair Sutton
©1986 Mad Tom Music

G                                   D7                       C                          G
You shake your head and wonder how a creature such as I
C                              G             C                                 Em
(Passionate, spontaneous, prone to laugh and cry)
G                     C                            Em
Could even think of marriage with a man as cold as steel,
C                              G                              C                               D7
A man who lives by logic’s rule, much less a man, much more a tool.
G                           C                             Em
In such a mismade union, would my heart forget to feel?

G                    Em                 G                        C
But you are only human; you cannot hope to know
D7                             C                                 D7                   Em
That, deep beneath this sterling shell, there lies a molten glow.
G                               C                           Em
The time and place for touching strips away our strong veneer.
C                          G                            C                             D7
Our inner sanctums open wide while we the heights of pleasure ride.
G                                C                           Em
I would not trade my Vulcan for your meager smiles and tears.

G                        D7                C                                G
You think it quite illogical that I should spend my life
C                       G                      C                   Em
With one who’s as emotional and open as my wife.
G                          C                             Em
Her feelings dance across her face for all the world to see,
C                                  G                               C                              D7
Her preference made on passing phase, her line of thought, a complex maze.
G                      C                                 Em
What cruel twist of circumstance could force this choice on me?

G                        Em                     G                   C
But all you know is Vulcan; you’ve never felt a mind
D7           C                  D7                        Em
So totally accepting, so challenging and fine.
G                                 C                           Em
That she would trade her water world for mine of sand and heat,
C                                 G                          C                                   D7
That she would stand the myriad trials to bless my home with hidden smiles.
G                     C                    Em
The depth of her devotion is amazing and complete.

Amanda and Sarek:

G                  D7                    C                  G
So, fingertip to fingertip, we willingly define
C                                G                                   C                          Em
The pathways traced in flesh and thought as our hands intertwine.
G                              C                            Em
For once we walked familiar paths, but always walked alone,
C                         G                                 C                               D7
And now we share a private place which time and distance can’t erase.
G                                   C                            Em
The love we share means more to us than custom, life, or home.

So, come, my love.
Attend, my wife,

G                        C
And let us find the peace
D7                             C                            D7              Em
That comes from freely sharing love and mutual release.
G                        C                           Em
All others may not understand that we’re the privileged two;
C                           G                           C                     D7
Never touching, always touched; giving all, receiving much.
G                                  C
This sweet time we have spent has seemed

The logical,


Em   D7          Em
The only thing to do.