Brenda Sutton is better known for her moving and funny lyrics, but now she’s concentrating on fiction, poetry and play writing again.

A theater major in college (lo these many moons ago) she specialized in writing plays, many of which were successfully produced on stages large and small. In 1975 her two-act comedy ‘Poor Howard’ mounted the main stage of the Pardoe Theater, Harris Fine Arts Center.

In 1978 she won the NPR Radio Mystery Theater contest with her radio drama ‘The Horse’s Mouth’, sending her to New York to meet the producers of that award-winning show.

In March 2016 her short story, Good for the Soul, won third place in the Writer Magazine’s themed contest, Two Roads Diverge.

Brenda recently took up the challenge from Clarion.org.  She’s 25,ooo words and counting into a novel about illusions. You can
read an excerpt from her forthcoming novel, Scarecrow Dreams