Bill's Filk Page

Where to begin, where to begin. Perhaps with a link to Interfilk, where you can get links to all kinds of filk resources, including that all-important and elusive definition of filk (ooooh...)

There's also a new magazine, The Dandelion Report, which includes my own column, Another QuarterNote Heard From.

Since this is my page, I'll be putting together links to my songs:

 Absent Friends  TEXTMIDISCORE
 Bask Ye Samplers  TEXT
 Bump the Harper (tune)  MIDISCORE
 Caretakers  TEXT
 Do It Yourself (annotated version!)  TEXT
 Journeys  TEXT
 Make Believe  TEXT
 Midnight at the Well  TEXT
 Mind, Hand, and Heart  TEXTMIDISCORE
 Poet and a Starman  TEXT
 Stray Dog Man  TEXT
 Vor  TEXT

And, just for archival purposes, a link to my appearances at conventions over the past (mumble) years.

TEXT : ASCII text version of song MIDI : MIDI file of tune SCORE : GIF of lead sheet

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