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Having worked for the computer industry for nearly 20 years, it was probably time that I joined the 90's and got myself a presence on the Web. Not having a web site is kind of like not having a decent pair of tennis shoes - you can get along without them but you really can't claim to be part of the dominant culture.

I am a Telecom Specialist for Hewlett Packard, currently working in the Telecom Support Center on SS7 protocol and Telecom Fault Management products.

Outside of the office, I am torn between far too many interests, among these:

Real Soon Now, this page will be redesigned to look a lot cooler. The links that point directly to other sites on the web will be replaced with more personal insights (and links to other sites on the web, of course). Y'all come back now!

Where are we playing next?

Created: 24 July 97
Last Modified: 15 Jan 04

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