Bill playing Brenda an aire on the penny whistle while resting up against a Celtic cross. 

'Bed & Breakfast'
Est. 1986

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The list of material is constantly changing, but here is a list of some of the songs that often appear on a
Bed & Breakfast set list:

* Original Composition
** Irish Pub Song
***Celtic Folk
**** Traditional Folk
*****Contemporary Folk

Bed -n- Breakfast singing in the cemetary.... the dead don't mind the noise!

Alferd G. Packer*****
All For Me Grog**
Angel From Montgomery******
Bantam Cock**
Barrett's Privateers***
Beer Bed*
Black Davy's Ride***
Black Velvet Band**
Cavan Girl***
Circles in the Grain*****
Cockles & Mussels**
Come Down In Time
Dance Band on the Titanic*****
Dancing Bear*****
Do It Yourself*
Fare Thee Well***
Fiddlerís Green***
Fields of Athen Rye***
Finneganís Wake**
Four Green Fields***
Fred, You Were a Good Dog*****
Galway Bay**
Gently Johnny*****
Ghost Lover***
Grandfather's Clock*****
Have Some Madiera, MíDear**
Here I Am Amongst You (Tu Ry Ya)**
Highwayman (Jimmy Webb)*****
Highwayman (Alfred Noyes)***
I Can't Party*****
If Pigs Had Wings******
Irish Ballad (Sing Rickety Tickety Tin)**
Iíll Tell Me Ma**
Iím My Own Granpa*****
Jigs and Reels***
John Barleycorn***
Johnny & Janey*****
Jug Of Punch***
Little Gomez*****
Look at the Coffin**
Lowlands of Holland***
Maddy Groves**
The Maid On The Shore***
Maid Who Sold Her Barley***
Mary Mac***
Mary Ellen Carter*****
The Missing Piece***
Nantucket Sleighride***
Never Wed An Old Man**
Old Chemise**
Old Dun Cow**
Ramblin' Rover**
Reel in the Flickering Light***
Regretting ...*****
Rooster Song**
Scotsmanís Kilt**
Senex McDonald**
Seven Drunken Nights**
She Moved Through The Fair***
Shooting Star*****
Somebody's Moggy**
Spoon River*****
Star of the County Down***
Stray Dog Man*
Swing the Cat****
Tinkermanís Daughter***
Tipping It Up To Nancy**
Tom Oí Bedlam***
True Lover John***
Two Sisters***
Une Chanson Sans Amour*
Unicorn Song (Green Alligators)**
Waltzing With Bears**
Whiskey In the Jar**
Why Paddyís Not At Work**
Wild Rover**
Wildwood Weed*****
Witch of the Westmoreland***


Photos by Mil Fisler