Greetings Of the Season

It’s an odd year. Certainly this is the warmest December since moving to Indiana (and the irony of Atlanta getting 6″ of snow when we haven’t had enough to show a rabbit’s tracks yet is neither lost on me nor pleasant). We were late getting decorations up due to weekends spent doing other things – fun things, but we’re still putting up lights and just now getting the tree decorated.

I am missing the Winter Solstice celebration at UUI this year due to other commitments, and the final shopping days before family arrive have rather snuck up on us. So, not feeling the season in spite of starting the holiday music early at my desk (and discovering new carols for Solstice that make my heart sing!)

But my father is in town and is as sharp as he has been in quite some time (and even moving around better for given values of “feet not always working as well as he would like), and we’re expecting the kids to be here in a few days (and I continue to boo retail for not being able to have all of them here). As always, the brightest spot in all things is you – my friends and chosen family in SF fandom, filk, SCA, UU community, and so many other places. You make every day a joy, and here is my annual wish for you (again acknowledging the final polish given to it by Callie – whom I do not have a Dreamwidth account name for so I cannot tag her this year):

– as the sun increases, so may your joys increase.
– as the nights become shorter, so may your sorrows shrink.
– as those you love surround you, feel my love there as well.
– may you be blessed by your Gods, be they within or without.
– may all your dearest dreams come to you in time.

Joyous Yule, Merry Christmas, Blessed Hanukkah, Happy Dong Zhi, and an Inspirational Kwanzaa to you all. May the best of this year follow you into the next.

Le Disque Compact Nouveau Est Arrivé!

We are back from FenCon and have the full shipment of CDs on hand.

The first step is to mail the CDs to those who pre-ordered – some have volunteered to receive their CDs at OVFF and this is especially appreciated for those outside the US. I will be conducting a survey to confirm this.

The second step is to get physical CDs available on CDBaby and Amazon. The downloads are available currently on Bandcamp and CDBaby.

The third step will be to contact filk dealers to find out who wants some.

And then we hitch up our Big Musician pants and get busy finishing the Irish CD.

The (First) CD Is Done!

Well, at least everything is done on the music end. Still tweaking the case content (fixing typos, that is) and hoping to have it ready for production the first of September.

The digital release on our bandcamp site should be open to the public on Tuesday, August 23.


The decades-long revision of the Sutton website is happening.  Soon it will be all nifty-spifty in preparation for the release of two new CDs. (And the crowd goes wild!)